Afternoon Enrichment Programs

(Monday through Friday 3:00-5:00pm with extended care available from 5:00-6:00pm)

At Mindful Heart Kids we offer school-aged children exciting enrichment activities based on mindfulness and the five senses. This program encourages socio-emotional learning within the group setting as well as personal growth & development through weekly one-on-one check-ins with staff. Wholesome, nutritious snacks are included.

Kindergarten Afternoon Enrichment Program

Ages: School Aged Children (4-6 years)

Monthly Tuition: 2 days ($550), 3 days ($575), 4 days ($600), 5 days ($625)

Monthly Extended Care: Option 1: 5:00-5:30pm ($100) and Option 2: 5:00-6:00pm ($200)

“Drop-In” Reservations are required via e-mail by 12:00pm (noon) on the day of participation.

“Drop-In” Rate: $60 on Regular School Day and $70 on Early School Dismissal Day


Mondays: “Mindful Listening” (Music)

Tuesdays: “Mindful Moving” (Yoga)

Wednesdays: “Mindful Touching” (Dramatic Play or Sensory Play)

Thursdays: “Mindful Tasting” (Cooking)

Fridays: “Mindful Seeing” (Art)

Welcome Activities

We begin the day outside with exploratory activities such as water-play, blocks, or other fine-motor skill activities. Children are welcomed in a large group activity and then divided into small groups so that we can provide more individualized attention. Group activities may include singing, dance, and music and are used to emphasize a sense of connection to community.Children are encouraged to plan their day with support from staff.

Meaningful Meals

We believe one of the joys in life is sharing food with friends and family. Each day children participate in making mealtime a meaningful experience. We learn about nutrition, where foods come from, and take time to educate children on culinary basics as they prepare wholesome and delicious food to share “family style” with their friends. We emphasize the “Art of Etiquette” during the meal as we teach children the importance of manners and respectful living.

Life and Intentions

At the close of each day, we encourage children to reflect on their day and invite them to set an intention for the present moment. We ask that children focus on one gratitude they have about their life and one affirmation about themselves. Much of life is created through setting positive intentions. We support children by helping them follow through with the concepts that are important to them. We create a space to support an effortless transition to their next activity.

“My Heart” Activities

These activities at Mindful Heart Kids are designed to celebrate the beauty of childhood. We work with children to provide creative, interesting and challenging activities that help them fully express who they are. Encouraging children to connect to their hearts desire promotes self-awareness, confidence and social consciousness.

“My Body” Meals

These activities at Mindful Heart Kids are created to help children focus on the importance of their body and how to develop better self-care. We participate in yoga, mindfulness meditation, and other types of body-centered activities to help promote active living, emotional expression through movement, and physical self -awareness.

“My Mind” Activities

These activities at Mindful Heart Kids inspire children to think deeply about the world and themselves. We support the wonderful curiosity of children by providing activities that help them translate their thoughts into meaningful activities. Each week there is a theme that we work with to encourage them to think more globally.