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17 Children’s Books For Anxious Kids, February 18, 2019

“Casey Strenski, a registered associate marriage and family therapist, is the clinical program director of Los Angeles’ Mindful Heart Kids, which offers therapeutic programs for children. She echoed Daniels’ idea and described children’s books as ‘a really good tool’ to help kids learn about their feelings, especially when they can turn to the visuals for added context.”

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Mindful Heart Kids on This is Series TV
This Is Series TV, December 10, 2018
Tamara De Kauwe interviews Dr. Thuy Bui and Casey Strenski about the Mindful Heart Kids program located in West Los Angeles, California.

The mission of Mindful Heart Kids is to offer therapeutic programs that help develop children along each stage of their growth. Programs include therapy sessions, reading time, art projects, and countless other activities. Children are encouraged to connect with their hearts and discover what is really meaningful to them.

Parents love Mindful Heart Kids because of the wholistic approach their programs take as well as the individual attention each child receives. These programs develop a child’s emotional IQ while raising their overall consciousness. Lessons learned at Mindful Heart Kids prepare children for situations they will encounter even decades later.