Mindful Heart Philosophy: Create. Grow. Connect.

Mindful Heart’s mission and curriculum are guided by three deeper principles – Create, Grow, and Connect.



Children are naturally and deeply creative. They discover, play, and imagine from the moment of birth onward. For them, the world overflows ceaselessly with wonder. To help children hold on to that sense of wonder and creative spark is one of the goals of Mindful Heart Kids. To continue to be curious, expressive, and to dream up worlds that are as unique as they are. It is true, now more than ever, that each generation is asked to imagine what could be and envision life in a new way. Our program is designed through its use of art, music, storytelling, acting, and expressive movement to keep the light of creativity burning brightly in the heart and mind of each child.


Children reflect back to the world the love and respect they are given. At Mindful Heart Kids, we provide each child with that love and respect and help them learn to give the same to others. Each social interaction is an opportunity to grow and mature: to display kindness, honesty, develop self-regulation, and to learn to think about the well-being of those around them. With every activity we offer, we ask children to act and interact mindfully. No other  quality is rewarded so much in life as learning to cooperate mindfully in the spirit of friendship, and there is no way to get there without the caring support of mature adults. At Mindful Heart Kids we help support children to bring forth their very best selves into the world.


As children grow, the world they know grows larger too. There is more and more they can understand, and more they can discover. At Mindful Heart Kids, our curriculum provides an exploration of what is so wonderful about life: art, food, science, story, music, and giving to the community. Children need both gentle guidance as well as freedom to explore in order to connect to these aspects of life. At Mindful Heart Kids we help every child identify their strengths and gifts and to learn about life so that it moves their minds and hearts. Each child who comes to us will leave with a richer, fuller sense of what living can be.