Welcome Activities

We begin the day outside with exploratory activities such as water-play, blocks, or other fine-motor skill activities. Children are welcomed in a large group activity and then divided into small groups so that we can provide more individualized attention. Group activities may include singing, dance, and music and are used to emphasize a sense of connection to community.Children are encouraged to plan their day with support from staff. We focus on helping the children find their emotional center as they set intentions for their day.

Please arrive on time to allow children adequate time to transition. The staff will sign your child in. One designated staff will be in charge of escorting your child to an activity of their choice. Staff will make sure to introduce each child to other children to facilitate a sense of belonging and connection.

Meaningful Meals (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)

Children begin the process of preparing for their meals (cooking, setting the table, etc). Children have the opportunity to learn about an aspect of cooking or nutrition of their choice. Please let us know if your child has any special dietary needs.

Art of Etiquette
We believe that having proper etiquette is becoming a lost art. At Mindful Heart Kids we hope to help children establish a better sense of manners and social grace. Each day we discuss a different topic on etiquette (ex. Saying please or thank you, waiting our turns, etc.) and help children establish awareness about themselves. Children learn important life skills such as how to assist in clean-up and household activities such as washing/drying dishes.

“My Mind” Activities

These activities at Mindful Heart Kids inspire children to think deeply about the world and themselves. We support the wonderful curiosity of children by providing activities that help them translate their thoughts into meaningful activities. Each week there is a theme that we work with to encourage them to think more globally. Sample Theme: How Can I Make The World Better? Activities include: Thinking about conservation or recycling efforts.

About Me Activity
A specific activity to apply the theme of the week to each child to create self awareness. How are they personally affected by the topic? What knowledge do they want to impart to the group? How do they feel about the subject matter? What did they learn about themselves?

Self Focus Activity
A specific activity to apply the theme of each week to each child to create a self directed goal for change. This activity is designed to help empower children to learn how they cope or what skill they may need to develop to help their life.

“My Heart” Activities

These activities at Mindful Heart Kids are designed to celebrate the beauty of childhood. We work with children to provide creative, interesting and challenging activities that help them fully express who they are. Sample activities: Kid Inspired Art, Create a Play about Us, Let’s Make a Music Video.

About Us
A specific activity to help children develop a sense of community. They take the “My Heart” activities and work together with others to create an experience they can feel positive about. We emphasize social skills, communication skills, effective listening, teamwork and creating good relationships.

Group Activity
A specific activity where the children can showcase their small group activity with the larger group in order to foster peer-learning and how to provide support to others.

“My Body” Activities

These activities at Mindful Heart Kids are created to help children focus on the importance of their body and how to develop better self-care. We participate in yoga, mindfulness meditation, and other types of body-centered activities to help promote active living, emotional expression through movement, and physical self -awareness.