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Mindful Heart Kids

Children change your life. In all my years of working with children, while I loved every moment, I did not realize what I was really preparing for was the opportunity to create a learning center that integrates what I believe is the essence of childhood—a place that really supports the heart and minds of children. I was inspired to create Mindful Heart Kids for two reasons: I believe that childhood is a uniquely beautiful and ephemeral time period that deserves preservation and I wanted to create a learning environment where life can slow down for children long enough so that they can really learn about life and themselves.

I believe the greatest gift of life is discovery—nothing epitomizes that concept better than childhood. Watching children experience small moments—their first steps, their first words, the taste of something delicious, a warm embrace. It’s so simple and profound. It makes me appreciate how much we take for granted as adults. I wanted to create a place where children preserve the essence of being kids in new and innovative ways—and hopefully learn to retain that joy, wonder, and playfulness well into adulthood.

When was the last time you experienced happiness with wild abandon? Or felt that you had all the time in the world to love deeply, learn something you’re interested in, or just play to your heart’s desire? Do you remember your childhood? What did you love? What did you long for and didn’t get? As adults we often forget what is fundamentally important. In that respect, children can teach us a lot, if we are willing to listen.

At Mindful Heart Kids we combine old-fashioned values—respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity—with the modern day needs of children. We are redefining child growth and learning so that they can develop a positive sense of self that is grounded in living life with mindful consciousness.

The program is designed to help facilitate the development of the whole child, from their nutritional needs to their emotional and physical well-being. Each aspect of our program (which you can delve into more deeply under our “Programs” page) was well-researched and designed with the child in mind. The demands of society often create challenges for children that generally do not get addressed until they become “problematic.” At that point, change often becomes more difficult.

Our approach at Mindful Heart Kids is to support children’s growth in ways that help minimize these issues. This happens through an enrichment-curriculum that supports healthy communication, self-exploration, effective coping skills, emotional regulation, intellectual and physical development, mindfulness practice as well as the integration of all the beauty that the world has to offer through art, music, literature and life in general. Our therapeutic approach allows us to delve deeper into the psychological aspects and individual needs of the children in our program.

We celebrate childhood with kids in a way that helps them become more in touch with the best parts of themselves. We trust the capabilities of children and our curriculum supports this idea by providing activities that require them to take on that commitment of trust with reciprocity.

We believe that children reach their greatest potential by being given time, love, and opportunities to fail and succeed in order to learn about themselves and their world. We are a special, magical place where kids can be kids. We hope we get an opportunity to know what makes your child and your family special too.